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Full-Time professional artist or passionate enthusiast on the weekends? Price upon request for:

Photoshoots: use our studio or house as your blank canvas. Set for photo-Studio, Portrait and Video Photography at your disposal. Material: Neewer® 2.6 m x 3 m background and 800 W 5500 K umbrellas and softbox continue light, white, green canvas

Podcasts: the Mud studio is equipped with a professional podcast microphone. Material: Blue Yeti USB microphone

Launch events: both in the house, the studio or the garden and outdoor area.

Vernissages: both in the house, the studio or the garden and outdoor area.

Writer’s getaway: let the vibe of MUD enlighten your thoughts.

Private concert

Out of the box team meeting / board meeting: full audio-visual setup available, flipchart, high speed Wifi

MUD gives you the tools to explore your individual creativity.

Not exactly what you are looking for?

MUD is like clay in your hands: you can shape and form it to your heart’s desire. Stay at MUD and expect to go back home with new insights and experiences.

Connect with friends, family or colleagues. The Mud residence offers several multifunctional rooms and can easily accommodate a variety of different occasions and events.

Mud Exterior

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