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MUD is a place for bold living. Make bold choices. Dare to live your life. Dare to live an authentic life. MUD is surrounding yourself with new impressions, people and experiences that drive you to the next level. MUD encourages you to set higher goals and experience higher motivation. Daring to bring out the absolute best in yourself and each other. Not just for merely surviving, but for bold living.

(Re)Connect to yourself, to nature or to others at MUD. We believe in the power of the mind, the creativity of the soul and the flexibility of the imagination. Shape and create your own MUD experience, whether that’s a romantic getaway or an artist’s inspirational sanctuary. MUD is like clay in your hands, sculpt it any way you want whether it’s to stay, create or connect.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; And to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.

Maya Angelou

Reviving a 60s villa

The Mud residence is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the founders and young emerging interior architect Andy Kerstens.

Authentic elements from the 60s villa were revived in a contemporary way by combining them with modern lines, new open spaces and a special attention to natural light. The old layout was broken down revealing a blank canvas that was redivided into a unified flow connecting the different rooms. In order to enhance the overall feeling of openness and light, a slender steel extension was added enlarging the visual impact of the room and creating an open view to the garden.

Kerstens captivating work for Mud draws on nature and the use of natural materials. Flagstones have a prominent place in the design both indoor and outdoor. The lush garden was landscaped with carefully selected trees and plants ensuring year-round greenery.
Finally, every single room has a carefully selected collection of art and design pieces. The contemporary feel of the 60s villa combined with a mix of new and vintage pieces, give it an extra dimension of authenticity and depth, all with an incredible sense of restraint.

“When we were given the opportunity to buy our neighbor’s adjacent property, we decided in a split second to take the leap. Initially the house was going to serve as a place to lodge friends and family. But we soon felt the urge to share our vision with a wide-ranging audience.

With a passion for distinctive stories and a heart beating for minimalist design, we started the MUD-journey. Following our own motto of ‘dream, believe, do, repeat’ we are turning our philosophy into a residence for people to share meaningful moments, to take a moment for themselves or to share their creativity with others. At MUD we invite people to stay, create or connect.”

— Sophie & Frank

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